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'An interesting podcast!'
ChessKid India
#1 Chess wesbite for Kids
'I was surprised to hear how comfortable Sahana was while recording and voicing her thoughts! I would highly recommend the channel WSNT (What's New Today!). Informative and entertaining for adults and children!'
Vidya Ramakrishnan
'Sangeetha is an edtech maven who has a way with kids and decided, in a fit of sheer masochism, to do a podcast with Yoshika. & Yoshika surprised me with the confidence with which she dealt with both a new technology, and a subject she didn't know anything about, till then. All thanks to Sangeetha!'
Founder, Kidcetra
'Fantastic podcast for kids and family by my extremely talented friend, Sangeetha! She has always been great at engaging their curious minds in new and innovative ways. In this podcast, it is amazing how she makes each child comfortable in discussing a topic and helps break it down in a way that they give most of the answers. Do give it a listen with your kids, you'll be hooked!'
Harini Chandra
Founder & Director, Shishalaya
'My 14 yr old son says he may like to co-host another podcast with you. A teenager saying that is something :-)'
Sudha K
PhD, University of Michigan
'It was a lot of fun listening to the podcast, though I'd have loved to be there while it was getting recorded. I'm sure you'll love it too. It is so addictive that you might want to listen to the rest of the episodes as well.'
Arun Rajkumar
'Very excited that my monkey recorded his first podcast with WSNT . He chats with his co-host Sangeetha, about why some type of elephants and kangaroos went extinct, while some did not. Ayaansh tries to explore how an intelligent creature reacts to danger. It’s really fun to hear him talk so sincerely and still be his witty self. Sangeetha is amazing with kids. She explores one new topic every day. Do give it a hear'
Aditi Patwardhan
'We've enjoyed all the episodes in this podcast channel! Children's candid opinions about world news are entertaining and thought-provoking'
'We were listening to one of the podcasts today morning as well.. They are so informative and interesting!'
Cronica Media