Handcrafted merchandise made by the very creative (and wacky) team of Cronica Media. 

After interacting with a lot of adults and children through our podcasts, we have come out with merchandise that are best suited for you. Check it out

Personalised poster

This is exclusively for the kids who have been co-hosts with us on the What’s new Today podcast.

We’ve personalised posters for each child – showcasing some of the amazing feedback each child.

Travel journal

A journal which will help you relive the wonderful travel memories and xxxxx


Yes absolutely. Once you place the order for the poster, we will drop you an email/WhatsApp requesting for your address. At that point, you can send your favoured picture.

We’re sorry, the poster is only for the children who have co-hosted a podcast on What’s New Today.

Yes absolutely. The journal has prompts which both kids and adults would love to work on and fill

The poster is made exclusively for you once you place the order, so that will take 15 working days shipping time.

The travel journal will reach you in 10 working days.

Yes, the price displayed includes shipping and GST.

Our team is very thorough in their work and makes sure that the product that reaches you is absolutely defect free. However, in case you notice and damages/defects, we will provide a refund/replacement upon seeing a proof of the damage. Hope you understand us 🙂

Cronica Media