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Podcasting Summer Camp

5 day podcasting summer camp for kids, where they learn to research for their podcast & even host one. For 7-16 year old kids

Creative writing workshop

Creative writing course for kids, where they learn how to write fiction stories (& even get a chance to publish their work). For 7-16 year old kids

Writing Summer Camp

Want to become a published author? This summer, enroll for our summer camp where you will learn to write and publish your book. For 7-16 year old kids

Creative writing

Discover the joy of bringing to life your own story as a published author. You can dive into imaginary worlds and create scenes full of adventure, and unique backgrounds! 

About the course

The 20-session course will cover the fundamentals of fiction writing. Children will be guided on how to maintain a writer’s journal, hands-on practice with story writing skills using prompts, and ultimately leading to the thrilling experience of creating and publishing their own stories. Participants will be guided by prompts to craft short stories and experiment with different genres. Once they get a sense of the genre they really like, they will next be guided to pick a plot, develop their characters and build plot twists.

They will also get a bit of revision of basic English Grammar. We hope our learners get a taste of what it is to sound  grammatically correct in addition to being creatively elegant. They will also be encouraged to use a range of literary elements such as similes, metaphors and idiomatic phrases to make the writing more colourful and appealing to a reader. When we say ‘they will be encouraged’, what we really mean is – we will introduce them to lots of lots of idioms and metaphors (slowly ease them into learning these) and then help them use them in their writing. So, it’s a bit of friendly tutoring / nudging them to learn new vocabulary 

No course is complete without a good fine edit. Participants will polish their final work by editing it, guided by their mentor. If you are wondering if kids are going to be hanging out mostly with ChatGPT during this course, the short answer is No (we love tech and AI, but this course is not the place for that). For more details, there’s always the FAQs. Click below to get PLENTY of your queries answered. If you still have any more queries, drop us an email at [email protected] and we will revert ASAP.

Detailed course schedule

Course fee

2 payments options for the ‘Complete Creative Writing Course’

Option 1

Pay per month

INR 1600 per month

Option 2

Pay for full course and get a whooping 12.5% discount

INR 7000 full course
  • First class - FREE TRIAL
  • 4 classes per month, 5 month course
  • Every Wednesday, 7:30 PM - 8:30 PM
  • Become a published author at the end of 5 months
  • For 7-16 year old kids only

Trusted By

Some wonderful feedback shared by our book review participants

I enjoyed talking to my peers and exchanging and building upon my ideas.

Agastya 11-year-old, Mumbai

The mentor was awesome. She made sure that we were engaged through the entire course. & the games and activities were a highlight

Shambhavi 14 year old, New Delhi

I enjoyed 'doing' a book review along with other children. I could share my thoughts on how bullies behave in schools (as I have seen them first hand)

Kiaansh 10-year-old, Mumbai

As ever, I loved reading the book 'Wonder'. It was the first time I read it, and loved it. I enjoyed completing the book review worksheets where we had to analyse the characters.

Smyan 10-year-old, Mumbai

I liked the book 'Wonder'. It helped me understand how understanding different perspectives is healthy.

Advik 9-year-old, Chennai

I liked that I could share my thoughts and ideas without any reserve. The mentors are very supportive.

Prakriti 9-year-old, Mumbai

Creative writing Club FAQs

Need more details. drop us a note:

Learn podcasting - for kids

A summer camp where your child learns to present their OWN PODCAST! Through a 5-day workshop, the child learns to choose a topic, research it using appropriate resources, weave the important elements together and write a script. They also get to discuss their ideas and opinions with a peer and together present their story as a podcast. This will be published on Spotify / Apple podcasts etc.
Your child will have featured in a podcast at the end of 5 days!

Course fee

Group course

5 day course, small batch size

INR 3000
  • Register for FREE Qualifier Test
  • 2024 Summer Camp dates:
  • 11AM - 12 Noon, 29/Apr-03 May, 2024
  • Includes a 5 day course and 1 Podcast episode

Podcasting Camp FAQs

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Writing Summer Camp

This summer, we help you become an author

This summer, explore the magic of creative writing. The 10-session course is a fun ride (especially for kids who do NOT like to write). Children can come up with creative plots, brainstorm characters with their peers, build plot twists and finally write a good old novel (~10 pages). This is not a 1-on-1 course. It is a group course where children who love to read and think creatively, come together, for the joy of building their own story / adventure. At the end of the course, each child writes his / her complete story OR a series of short stories. Either way, your child will have a published book in their hands at the end of 10 days!

Group course

10 day course, small batch size

INR 4500
  • Register for the course
  • 2024 Summer Camp dates:
  • 11AM - 12 Noon, 06-May to 17-May, 2024 (Mon-Fri)
  • Includes a 10 day course and 1 free Author copy

Writing Summer Camp FAQs

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