Sangeetha Saranathan

Founder & CEO

After a decade long stint in financial services, I pursued my passion,  of engaging with young minds. Teaching kids in public schools offered me a first-hand glimpse into the real-world challenges in classrooms (and a reminder of the joys of being a backbencher). Thus was born an edtech journey, creating solutions that are both practical and effective in Indian schools. The growing value of engaging podcasts and narratives was evident with the onset of the pandemic (the endless sweeping and dusting our home with podcasts playing in my ears may have helped:) 

Listeners in India are gearing towards a rising preference for audio on demand, both as a learning tool and for entertainment. Cronica media was thus born to create high-quality and finely crated Indian podcasts and shows. 

When I am not creating podcasts or engaging with curious young children – I am out on a trek with a sketching book in one hand and a tenuous grip on reality, in the other.

Revati Sukumar

Co-founder and Marketing Lead

Akin to the story of many a B-school grad, I began my career with a stint in consulting. There was much joy in travelling, meeting new people and fine-tuning ideas with my clients that saved them endless pain in operations (psst…I helped them save some dough and cash)

My preference for freedom to pursue other interests led me to take a sabbatical and work on projects in art. 

Post-pandemic, the growth in listeners of podcast shows in India with clear preferences and burgeoning categories, was increasingly evident to me. Combining my natural skills to connect with people  and my love for podcast shows, I came on board with the Cronica Media team, to grow our listener base for our shows (yes…I am the one you reach out to, if you would like to collaborate with us and create ever-lasting brand recall and all that jazz..)

When I am not creating shout-outs for our podcast shows, you can find me inside a treasure trove (should I call it a mini-forest) of plants in my home. I am sometimes found swimming in the sea amidst the calm of the fishes. 

Cronica Media